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No Service No attendance
a cremation without ceremony

This type of service is exactly what it says - a cremation without ceremony. No one other than the Funeral Director attends. We go to the place where the person has died, bring them into our care and arrange for their cremation at the crematorium that you choose.


What’s Included?

Our services, the organisation and completion of the cremation

  • The simplest of coffins 
  • The crematorium’s cremation fee 
  • A cremation permit 
  • A certified death certificate for your family’s legal purposes 
  • Goods and Services Tax

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from $1988*

 Grave Crem   





Pop saw no value in pomp and ceremony he was a real Aussie bloke, a quiet man with no fuss. We appreciate you treating him when he died just as he lived - without all the fuss, as a hard bloke we loved and will miss  

- David & Jaqui -


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Our services include cheap low cost inexpensive funeral services including affordable cremation burial throughout queensland gold coast and brisbane Gold Coast Discount Funerals is a small company who believe funerals should be priced according to what people can afford our solution is cheap low cost inexpensive funeral services and affordable cremation and burial at one of our funeral homes here in QLD