Offering a service to perfectly fit your needs and budget


A service held at the graveside of the cemetery of your family’s choice.

We specialise in graveside services all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have access to every cemetery in the region.

Locally based professional staff are ready to arrange a graveside service at any Brisbane or Gold Coast cemetery, at any time you need.

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A graveside service is simple and cost-effective. It is a peaceful way to farewell your loved one in a leafy, natural location.

Over many years, Gold Coast and Brisbane Discount Funerals have received feedback from families. When a burial is chosen, most families prefer the simplest coffin rather than expensive, fancier options. Therefore, the coffins we provide are made of the simplest of material. They are designed to be on display for a short time at the burial.

* Please note: Cemetery costs and the opening and closing of existing graves are not included in the above graveside service costs.

What’s included:

  • Our professional fee to carry out the graveside service at a cemetery of your choice in Brisbane or the Gold Coast
  • Compassionate and professional staff to manage a peaceful, simple graveside service for your loved one
  • Funeral arrangements in the comfort of your own home or via phone/email if you choose
  • The hearse that conveys your loved one to the graveside service
  • Preparation and dressing of your loved one by our qualified staff
  • The simplest of coffins
  • Death certificate for your family’s legal purposes
  • Goods and Services Tax

Available Options

The costs above are the basic expenses required to have a funeral. There may be additional, special things that your family may or may not need or want. We have created a list below to assist with additional extras and costs.

Description Cost
Civil celebrant of your choice or sourced by us 440.00
Clergy costs may vary from different denominations, but usually… 385.00
After hours transfer of the deceased if required (Business hours are 8am – 4pm) 495.00
Funeral notices regardless of publication At Cost
Flowers Starting from
All prices are Inclusive of 10% GST
Church Funerals
We are happy to engage a church of your choice to accommodate your loved one’s service.
Extra staff, vehicles and time will be required, and extra costs will apply.
At cost
Out of Hours Services
Saturday funerals (our charges only: the cemetery will also cost more) 595.00
Sunday funerals (our charges only: the cemetery will also cost more) 795.00
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“Having served the Australian people for nearly 20 years, I am convinced that cost effective funerals can really ease the burden at the time of loss.”