1. Payment is required in full prior to the funeral taking place.
  2. Gold Coast discount funerals is a member of the Australian Creditors Association. As such we manage our accounts in a professional manner and reserve the right to charge interest at the rate set out in the Local Courts (Civil Claims) Act if an account remains unpaid for more than thirty (30) days. We also reserve the right to retain a debt collection agent and to add debt collection commission charges to the account.
  3. Payment of this account is not subject to the granting of probate, or reimbursement from any Workers Compensation Claim, Insurance Fund or any Government Department eg Social Security or Veteran Affairs.
  4. All line items are exclusive of GST which is added to the subtotal.
  5. We will issue a final account prior to the completion of the funeral service.
  6. At management’s sole discretion terms for payment may be extended past the date of the funeral this will incur an administration fee of $275 including GST which is not refundable.